lunedì 24 novembre 2014

3 jobs

Hi guys! 
I've told you that I would write one post every day for let you know about what's on in Perth.... Unfortunatly or fortunatly I've got two more jobs, so I don't have time to publish nothing.
Last week i have worked for 72 hours.... In one week! Crazy Isn't it? Anyway it's a good way for earn money and save it! I told you that in february I'm going to study and i won't have time to work so much....
So... I'm going to tell you about my new jobs
The first one is in a Catering company, called Beaumont. It used to organize party Around Perth and surround. I work as waiter. I have to wear as penguin, but it's not so bad. And the salari is ridiculos ( it means that it's very high!)
My second new job is in a french café in a shopping center! I'm the main barista. It's really busy. I made, last saturday, more than 7 kilos of coffe... If you think that in my café in Italy i used to made 1 or 2 kg per day....

Today i had my first afternoon off, so I've got time to write!
That's it. I'm too tired to keep writting...
Good day or good night and take care!!!

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