mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014

Italian holiday

Hey guys what's up?

Guss what? I'm going to spend new years eve in Italy...
Yes!!!! I've already booked my flight. It will be awesome!!!!
I will see my mum, my sister and all her family! I will see my grandma....
Ok, let's talk about that from the beginnig!
In the last few weeks I worked a lot. Some week, i did it more than 70 hours... That because I had in my mind one target... Book my flight for go back Italy... Of course it will be just for 5 weeks, I'm not gonna stay there longer, I'm always sure that my life has to be here.
So, as I said, i worked and I still do it, because ticket for Italy it's really expensive... But, yesterday I bought it, so now I'm really really happy!
I'm going to fly with Emirates, one of the best airlines in the world. I'm going to stop in Dubai and then Malpensa (Milan)...
I will leave Australia the 29th of December and I'll be back the 8th of February!!!
I'm so excited due to i will meet also a lot of frieds! my italian friends, my suisse friends and maybe also from other country! I can't wait for that!!!!
I'm also looking foreward to see again my mum... She will pick me up at the airport! The same one where more than one years ago we had to say goodbye...
I would do something funny for that moment... Like I will grow my beard and i will wear some Oz t-shirt or some strange hat... I would see if she will recognize me!!!
I'm sure that she will! ahahahah
I'm also happy because in that date, my sister with the whole her family will be in my mum's house! So, i will have the opportunity to meet also my nephews...Julien and Samuel! The last one i saw just once, when he was just born... So i will be a unknown memeber of his family...
I can't wait also to hug my friends! I'll have a few dinner out. I'll meet also Domenico,my travelmate during the big roadtrip. Leo my housemate! Milene,my crazy lovely friend. Eva,my Friend with the F in capital letter. Sania, my cute little sister and Laura, a special friend of mine!
I've already organized a big dinner at restaurant with my friends from Lodi and another one with my Corse holiday mate...
Last but not the least i will have a lot of pizzas... The real one... Because in Australia, they called pizza something not even close to it.... And you usually have to pay more than 20\25 dollar for that...
So, yes, it will be also a food holiday.... I don't care about my weight! I'll lost all of this kilos when i'll be back in Perth, and as a poor student i won't have food in my fridge!!!
Keep in touch, because It's already started the countdown for my departure!
See ya guys! Take care!

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