mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

First post in English

This is my first post in English!
It's time for me to speak and write in english all the time!
I'm writting in English for improve it, so is better for me if you write me back for correct my wrong! Feel free to say : " Andrea!!! Your English is a shit!!!" Ahahahahh

So, what I can say? Maybe I can speak about my day! Or maybe is better if I speak about yesterday!
In Perth, yesterday at 12 o'clock all people stop their job for see "The Melbourne Cup". It's a horse race, very popular in Australia. All women have a funny hat, and all men wear suit and tie.
During the race evryone drinks champagne. The race is only 5 minutes, but the australian people drink all the day!
Also in my school every guys were dressed with fashion cloths, drunk a champagne and ate pizza! It was funny!

This is my first and maybe least post in English. Be good with me, I've been here only for one months. In the future will be better! 

See ya guys!!

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  1. if I (I'm a goat) I understand your English the other people should have no problem ahahahah!!